Wall Mounted

Indoor Digital Signage

Wall Mounted Digital Signage are mostly used in portrait formats. Areas where a lot of commercial movement is involved, aisles are kept clean and signage are preferred for wall or ceiling mounted.

Wall Mounted Signage are popular in metro station digital menu boards, Smart forex boards, Digital notice boards, Reception digital signage, Retail Outlet digital signage etc.

Floor Standing/Digital Standee

Indoor Digital Signage

Floor Mounted or Standalone Digital Signage are also referred to as Digital Standee or Digital Poster. These types of signages are popular in shopping malls where day to day activities differ and these signage can be placed differently as needed.

These are great for moving on small distances, e.g. inside shop to outside shop.

Ceiling Mounted

Indoor Digital Signage

Ceiling Mounted Digital Signage are used to target walking customers in an aisle, or where there is no front wall to place wall mounted signage.

Digital Menu Boards are also very common in ceiling mounted digital signage where display visibility has to be exact length of customer standpoint

Portable & Ultra Slim

Indoor Digital Signage

Portable Digital Standee are the latest of the lot. Featuring ultra slim design and folding back support design, these portable signage can be easily picked up and moved around in multiple numbers in one flight case over long distances.

A one-person maintenance, portable signage are ideal to be used for rental events and exhibitions.

InDoor Digital Standee Sizes

Indoor Digital Signage

32 inch Brochure Standee

21.5” or 32” Digital Brochure Standee is the most cost effective and efficient model for advertising plus pamphlet placement in an expo, hotel lobby or company reception.

Indoor Digital Signage

55 inch Advertising Standee

55” Digital Standee is the hottest selling display size. It is ideal for moving to different places, is big enough to make an impact and cost effective.

Indoor Digital Signage

75 inch Digital Impact Standee

70” or 75” Digital Standee is for customers who want to make an impact on their target customers as soon as they enter the store or pass by it. Nothing can beat a 75” Display size in catching customer attention.

Digital Signage Sizes (Wall Mounted)

Indoor Digital Signage

32” Digital Signage Menu Board

32” Digital Signage are most popular in Digital Menu Boards, or indoor signage where multiple signage are used at the same time. For e.g. Hall of fame, or employee of the month.

Indoor Digital Signage

55” Digital Signage Poster

55” Digital Signage is the classic size for advertising. It is mostly only used in expo’s or shopping malls where visibility has to be insured even from far.

Indoor Digital Signage

65” Digital Signage Wall

65” Digital Signage is the new 55”. The 4k Display and bigger size is becoming increasing popular in grabbing attention of customers.

Digital Signage Menu Board Applications

Indoor Digital Signage

Four Units Menu Board

Four units of 32” Digital Signage assembled in Portrait mode is the new show in fast food industry. Many chains including Mcdonalds and Starbucks have adopted to this style of Digital Menu Boards

Indoor Digital Signage

Three Units Menu Board

Three units of 32” Digital Signage assembled in Landscape mode. Usually two displays are reserved to dish of the day and one for new promotions, while the center one is used for menu display. Burger Lab, KFC and subway are the few adopters of this style of digital menu boards.


Smart Forex Boards & Digital Notice Board in Banks

Fluctuating currency rates, no worries. Smart Forex Board integrates with online RSS or web portal and changes it live. You can also split screen to show advertisement, footer for marquee scrolling text and header for company brand name.

Shelf displays are booming in-store Digital Signage

In-shelf  Signage provide relevant information to relevant customers at exactly the time they are looking for it, i.e. buying. In-shelf display’s and particularly stretched displays are becoming more and more common in supermarkets for brand advertisement

Digital Information Boards on Flight Terminals

Flight Schedule Management is one of the most difficult tasks, and keeping up with the updated schedule is more. Thanks to digital signages all can be done automatically with the click on the server.


Karachi Foods Pakistan adopts Digital Signage for Flagship Outlet

One of the most renowned restaurants in Karachi, chooses Gloax Solutions to install Digital Standee Poster at their flagship store on Shahra-e-Faisal. Displaying complete menu and promotional items.

Digital Signage Caters to Amir Adnan advertising needs in Ocean Mall, Pakistan

Ground floor outlet in one of the busiest mall of the city, Amir Adnan sets to capture the market by installing Wall Mount Display and letting customers know which items under quick promotion and which are new.

TCS booms business with Digital Signage in booking Center, Dolmen Mall Clifton

The top courier service company of Pakistan chooses Gloax Solutions in digitizing their booking booth at the busiest mall in Karachi.

Displaying complete and new services of TCS, their promotion is now easier than ever.


McDonalds takes it Digital Menu Boards Global.

Trailed and tested in USA, McDonald’s now officially rolls it Digital Menu Boards in partnership with Samsung throughout the world. Allowing visibility of greater menu deals as compared to tri-sided display used previously.

Digital Banking Display, Standard Chartered Bank, Korea

Allowing redundant tasks to be optimized, standard chartered bank installs Digital Internet Banking Display on window and reception to provide fast service to clients.

Digital Information System, Dubai Airport

Cloud based digital information system installed at Dubai Airport, which is considered the airport with the highest number of Signage Installations, primarily by JC Dec aux.

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